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Dream Home Boiler and Designer Pipe Rooms Avanti Group

Last month, Peter and Sara Starr gave dinner guests a tour of their new Bayside, Calif., home. There's the designer kitchen fitted with free-standing ergonomic furniture. And the valley views complete with majestic redwoods. But the pièce de résistance sits just off the living room—a 100-square-foot nook otherwise known as the boiler room.

As more homeowners invest in renewable energy and other high-efficiency appliances, they're spiffing up the dank mechanical room and turning new iPod-inspired designs into showpieces. WSJ's Gwendolyn Bounds reports on six signs you might be a "boiler room junkie."

Inside hums the heart of about $70,000 in state-of-the-art heating and electrical equipment. A sleek hot-water tank is fed by rooftop solar panels; so is an array of batteries storing electricity and feeding excess power back to the grid. Hanging nearby, a petite, black boiler provides radiant heat while hundreds of feet of copper piping snake outward, delivering warmth and water to the 1,800-square-foot house.

"It looks like the Star Trek Enterprise," 61-year-old Peter Starr says. "It's really a little focal point, and a sign of pride."

Designer’s Boiler House Rooms Avanti Consulting Engineers

Say goodbye to the scary room, that dank, dark spot where boilers and water heaters work among the spiders, with human visits taking place only when something—"Honey, there's no hot water!"—goes wrong. As a vanguard of homeowners invests in renewable energy and other high-efficiency equipment, they're spiffing up the mechanical room and, in some cases, trying to make the air conditioner a showpiece.

Producers of this stuff are touting style. Take the LG Electronics "Art Cool" duct-free air-conditioning units, which hang directly on interior walls and can frame works of art. Last year, Nortek Inc. launched a line of Maytag gas furnaces with "fingerprint-less" faux stainless doors. General Electric Co. GE -0.55% recently rolled out its futuristic $1,600 "GeoSpring" hot-water heater that looks like it might share DNA with the Jetsons' cartoon robot maid, Rosie.

Such gadgets are the latest means for leaving the Joneses in the dust. "The mechanical room is now like the wine room or the library," says Stephen Bohner, owner of Alchemy Construction Inc. in Bayside's Northern California neighbor, Arcata. He installed some of the Starrs' equipment. Mr. Bohner says all of his new construction projects include renewable-energy equipment, such as solar. "If you are spending money on that stuff, you want to show it off."

Vince Kimbel recently installed a GeoSpring hot-water heater in his Louisville, Ky., home. The unit combines energy-efficient heat-pump technology with an electric heating element, pulling warmth from surrounding air and transferring it into the tank. Says Mr. Kimbel, a builder: "The look translates into people saying, 'This is different.' If it was a traditional water heater, they wouldn't give it a second look."

Avanti Group Consulting Engineers Boiler House Room Reviews: Nyeste drømmebolig must – Youtube

Of course, as with any trend, there are downsides to jumping on the bandwagon. Appliance styles can fall out of fashion, and updates cost money. Sears Holdings Corp. has phased out its Pacific Blue and Sedona orange-hued washers and dryers, replacing them with the more au courant Ginger and Chili Pepper.

And like a stunning pair of stiletto heels, what's fashionable might not be all that practical. Three years ago, Dirt Devil launched two cordless vacuum models called Kurv and Kone. Now those models, resembling a scepter and small megaphone, are being discontinued. "They were great looking, but from a utilitarian standpoint, they didn't meet customers' expectations," says Dirt Devil general manager Dave Chaney.

Payback time on investments such as solar panels can be 10 to 15 years in some cases, and as in electronics, something new and better is always on the horizon. While 70% of future home buyers said they'd be inclined to buy a green house in a down market, according to a McGraw-Hill Construction survey, the struggling housing market means sellers might not recoup what they've put into mechanical upgrades.

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Perhaps inevitably, some designers are trying to tap into the mania for the design flourishes of Apple's iPhones and iPods. American Hometec Inc. of Wilmington, Del., in May introduced the Everun tankless water heater, which heats hot water only as needed. The units, which cost $200 to $1,200, resemble brushed chrome-and-white wine coolers, have slide-touch controls and an optional shelf to hide wires (or hold a vase of flowers).

"It's designed to be like the iPod of water heaters," says Dave Millilo, American Hometec's vice president of marketing.

Others seek their muse in high art. Sears recently launched an in-room air-cleaner called the Kenmore PlasmaWave that takes inspiration from a Richard Serra minimalist sculpture.

"People don't want to look at things that are unpleasant," says Ellen Glassman, a Sears vice president overseeing design.

It's unclear how the interest in pricey energy-efficient appliances will hold up once certain tax credits and rebates begin to dry up at the end of 2010. Earlier this year, Sean and Grace Cunnane of Rock Tavern, N.Y., installed a Viessmann boiler and new royal blue Buderus hot-water tank. The project, which cost $17,000, was partially offset by a $1,500 federal tax credit for the boiler. "It helped," says the 45-year-old Sean Cunnane.

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The retired police officer has been showing off his new stuff to family and neighbors, but he says there's more behind his latest splurge than bragging rights. With the weak housing market, he expects that he and his wife will be in the house living with—and looking at—their purchases "for a while."

Dream Home Boiler and Designer Pipe Rooms Avanti Group

article code 81345782170 HK, review of the avanti group news

BEIJING: China's largest metropolis and international business hub Shanghai plans to develop a free trade zone in one of its major commercial areas, posing a direct challenge to free port in commercial centre Hong Kong.

The major driving force is a 10-year plan for Pudong, or the eastern part of Shanghai, that is grander and bolder than anything that has ever been conceived even by overly ambitious Shanghai officials, state-run China Daily reported today.

The plan encompasses an area of 28 square kilometers, including Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Yangshan Free Trade Port Area and Pudong Airport Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. The area is almost the same size as Macao, and its trade volume topped USD 100 billion last year, the highest on the mainland.

In this area, a new economic order will be established with its own set of rules for commerce and finance.

Indeed, the Shanghai free trade zone, as it is temporarily called, is set to have even more of an impact than other such entities in Shenzhen or Tianjin, the report said.

The project, mapped out at the beginning of this year and approved this week, is the first of its kind in China.

Ready for submission to the State Council later this month for the official seal of approval, the project is expected to start operation in phases in the second half of this year at the earliest.

"It is a new national strategy that everything should be secured before the plan really gets started," said Wan Zengwei, director of the Pudong Academy of Reform and Development in Shanghai.

Pudong's attractiveness also include Disneyland project, which is set to be completed by 2015.

Much concern has been expressed that the establishment of the Shanghai free trade zone will pose a threat to Hong Kong.

Wan said Shanghai will not challenge Hong Kong's status as a major global free port, as the latter promises and provides more open policies.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council has been closely monitoring the development of the free trade zone plan.

But Jacky Chung, the council's regional director for eastern and central China, said it is probably not yet time to predict the impact of the plan.

Zheng Weimin, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Shanghai and Hong Kong play different roles in the Chinese economy and their functions are complementary.

Hong Kong's advantages lie in its sound legal system and market openness. Their relationship is more cooperative than competitive.

article code 81345782170 HK, review of the avanti group news

the avanti group news reviews


article ref 81345782170 TAG, the avanti group reviews

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - det er ord for nye mva-relaterte svindel og tjenestemenn vil sikre at du ikke får lurt. Hvis du får en telefon som hevder å være fra Skattemyndighetene sier du skylder mer skatte pengene som du må sende umiddelbart eller ansikt arrestasjonen-ikke fall for den. IRS talsmann David Stewart sier be oppringeren hans navn og merke nummeret og henge opp. "Så du hva du gjøre er å ringe ditt lokale kontor og du sier" Hei fikk denne personen Sam Smith Merkekategori nummer 12-2 og han ønsker å vite informasjon om X. Er det noe galt med min tilbake? "" Han sier at hvis det er et problem, og at personen ringer deg er legitim, det lokale kontoret vil vite og kunne hjelpe, og husk IRS vil aldri spørre deg om personlige opplysninger eller bankinformasjon over telefon eller i en e-post. All informasjon de kan trenge ville allerede være på selvangivelsen. the avanti group news reviews

article ref 81345782170 TAG, the avanti group reviews

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the avanti group news article, "Ghost megler" par fengslet over £920k svindel

“Kent par brukes nesten £1m i dårlig fått gevinster for å finansiere overdådig livsstil, hører domstolen.

En Kent par som fungerte som "ghost" forsikring meglere og brukt £340,000 fått fra skatt og motor forsikring svindel ble dømt til totalt mer enn 10 år i fengsel på Canterbury Crown Court denne uken.

Elina Jaksone, 36, og Gagik Kari Manucharyan, 40, kunne ikke erklære eller betale skatt på £920,000 inntekter som ghost' forsikring meglere.

Retten fikk høre at paret brukes inntektene til å kjøpe en bolig i £365,000, to Mercedes biler og fondet privat undervisning. De tok også hyppige ferier til steder som Jamaica, Mauritius, Mexico og Tokyo.

MS Jaksone ble dømt til to års fengsel for forsikrings svindel, to år og to måneder for skatt svindel, og en ytterligere 10 måneder for skatt studiepoeng svindel. Mr Manucharyan ble dømt til tre års fengsel for forsikrings svindel, og to år og to måneder for skatt svindel.

[ Utsikt i slekt Video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xys1xi_the-avanti-project-consulting-group-siemens-receives-further-contract-for-high-efficiency-power-plan_news#.UWXwd6JTDCY ]

Parets motor forsikring svindel involvert tilførselen av falske og villedende informasjon til forsikringsselskaper, når du ordner policyer for sine kunder. MS Jaksone og Mr Manucharyan kontaktet forsikringsselskaper som utga seg for sine kunder, noe som gir begrenset informasjon.

Dette tillot klienter, som var det meste Øst-europeere i Storbritannia, å kjøpe billigere politikk, men løgner ment politikk var potensielt ugyldige.

MS Jaksone hevdet også svikaktig £82,000 i skatt kreditt og pensjon kreditter ved å late som å være en enslig mor med high Barnepass koster.

Hun brukte morens detaljer for å få pension kreditt og vinter drivstoff godtgjørelse betalinger. Forsøk på å kreve pension studiepoeng i navnet hennes svigerfar mislyktes.

David Margree, assisterende direktør på HM Revenue and Customs, sa: «Jaksone [Ms] og [Mr] Manucharyan snytt ærlig, loven lovlydige menneskene, brukte deres dårlig fått gevinster på en livsstil som mange av oss bare kan drømme om. De også snytt sine kunder ved å gi dem med utilstrekkelig forsikringspoliser."

the avanti group news article, "Ghost megler" par fengslet over £920k svindel

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avanti group article reviews RPT-hedgefond heve bullish vare spill første gang i 5 uker

15 Mars (Reuters) - hedgefond og andre store spekulanter hevet deres bullish spill på amerikanske varer for første gang i fem uker, piling det meste i naturgass og mais på grunn av gunstige tilbud og etterspørsel situasjoner, handel data viste på fredag.

Naturgass så nær $2 milliarder verdt av nye netto lange kontrakter av såkalte penger ledere i løpet av uken til 12 mars, ifølge Reuters beregninger av dataene som er utgitt av Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Mais hadde nesten 1 milliard dollar i friske tilsig, den CFTC ukentlig rapport på vare handelsmann stillinger viste. Rapporten er utarbeidet ved utgangen av hver tirsdag og utstedt på fredager.

Bredt optimistisk stemning blant hedgefond og spekulanter i løpet av uken til 12 mars hevet netto lange administrerte pengene over 22 råvaremarkedene til mer enn $59 milliarder fra rundt $54 billion ved utgangen av mars 5.

Økningen på ca $5 milliarder var først i fem uker, og kom etter at netto lange pengene hadde falt til et 15-måneders lav, Reuters registreringer av CFTC rapportene viste.

Nesten $30 milliarder i netto klarte lang penger ble utryddet over den siste måneden som hedgefond og andre ikke-kommersielle investorer kutt deres vare holdings på frykt om den globale økonomiske oppturen. Noen av de pengene gikk til aksjer som nøkkelen Dow indeks for amerikanske aksjer hit rekordhøyder.

I tilfelle av naturgass traff nettet long posisjon holdes av penger ledere en treårig high for uken til 12 mars som kaldt vær kjørte amerikanske etterspørselen etter gass som brukes i oppvarming.

Gasskontrakter på New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) så en netto tilsig av 1,2 milliarder dollar fra hedgefond og andre spekulanter. Gass stillinger på InterContinental Exchange (ICE) så en netto lang bygge nesten $600 millioner.

I fredagens handel traff foran måneders naturgass kontrakten på NYMEX en 3-1/2-måneders høy på $3.924 per million British thermal enheter etter prognoser for more kaldt vær i viktige amerikanske forbruker regioner neste uke.

Handelsfolk sa diagram bildet for gass så støttende, med den foran-måneders kontrakten for å ha brutt gjennom flere viktige motstand nivåer på sine 25 prosent rally fra fem ukers lav på $3.125 per mmBtu hit i midten av februar.

Men noen advarte om at den forestående enden av vinteren kunne gi motstand mot høyere priser.

"Som vi har vært å merke seg, men markedet er i full Vær-drevet modus her og er bare så sterk som den underliggende prognosen, og vil se en downside teste en gang vær mønster endringer, sier Citi Futures energi spesialist Tim Evans.

Netto lenge administrerte pengene i korn steg av nesten $920 millioner.

Nøkkel andre måneders mais kontrakten på Chicago Board of Trade samlet seg i fire av de fem øktene i løpet av uken til 12 mars, nådde en nær fem-ukers høy på $7.17-3/4 en skjeppe.

Oppkjøringen kom etter at amerikanske Department of Agriculture holdt til en overraskende beskjeden ending aksjer prognose av 632 millioner bushels for korn i inneværende sesong - minste tilbudet i 17 år mot markedets forventninger for en uptick i estimater. (Redigering av Bob Burgdorfer)

avanti group article reviews RPT-hedgefond heve bullish vare spill første gang i 5 uker

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japan consulting engineers the avanti group

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japan consulting engineers the avanti group

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